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  • What is colored denim

    Color denim is a kind of denim, bright color,) as well as coffee, emerald green, gray, khaki, vulcanized blue denim, and a small amount of naftuo dye or reactive dye dyed with bright red, peach, princess color denim, etc.. Color denim production batch is not large, color too much. In addition, it...
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  • uniform fabric for nurse and hospital

     T/R ,CVC with stretch,double stretch viscose fabric,for nurse uniform or other uniform ,can be treatment for anti-bacterial ,anti-blench . we can supply all kinds of colour. welcome to contact and talking details
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  • Corduroy time

    Corduroy, is feel super comfortable, increase the overall leisure and fashionable atmosphere, casual walking exudes intellectual charm.It’s elegant atmosphere, very real wear, slightly retro feeling, fashion with a sense, slim and versatile, all kinds of figure is suitable. Corduroy can be used f...
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  • The creative recreation of clothing design fabrics

    The creative recreation of clothing design fabrics

    Fabric reconstruction can also be said to be the secondary design of clothing fabric. It refers to the secondary processing of finished fabrics according to the design needs to produce new artistic effects. It is the extension of designer’s thought and has incomparable innovation. It makes ...
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  • Synthetic material

    Synthetic material

    1. chiffon Artificial snow is not available in the summer clothing fabric, made of chemical fiber material, is the wheel of raw materials. Chiffon cloth wrinkle-resistant perfect, and the upper body has elegant, natural pendant, cool and refreshing feeling, how to wear how good-looking. But chiff...
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  • Pure natural material

    Pure natural material

    1. Linen fabric Linens, needless to say, are the run-up to summer clothes. It allows the skin to breathe, but also very breathable do not give you stuffy sweat, no static electricity problem, also soft to the touch, allergic people are particularly friendly. Moreover, the fabric itself is very ex...
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