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1. chiffon

Artificial snow is not available in the summer clothing fabric, made of chemical fiber material, is the wheel of raw materials. Chiffon cloth wrinkle-resistant perfect, and the upper body has elegant, natural pendant, cool and refreshing feeling, how to wear how good-looking.

But chiffon fabric in the production process is also divided into high quality and inferior, the choice to rely on the hand to touch, to see with your eyes, do not choose bad in order to save money, must buy quality. Inferior chiffon fabrics wear on the body will feel stuffy sweat occupy the skin, super stuffy, high-quality chiffon fabrics will not have such a problem.

2. Renewable fiber

The regenerated fiber is inspired by silkworm spinning, using natural material as raw material, chemical processing into concentrated solution, and then spinning processing to make textile fiber. With excellent moisture absorption and air permeability, it is arguably the most suitable chemical fiber for summer and is not sticky at all.

3. Synthetic fiber

Synthetic fiber is pure chemical fiber, also known as polyester, which is the most common fabric in summer clothing. People with skin allergies may feel that wearing this material will cause skin discomfort. In fact, most of the current polyester fibers are functional and even more comfortable than cotton. Some clothing of Uniqlo also USES polyester fibers, so there is no need to worry about allergies.\

When buying clothes in summer, besides considering the style, it is important to know how to choose the material, which is good and comfortable to wear. After reading this article, I believe you must have the bottom of the heart when choosing clothes, will not choose wrong.

Post time: Jul-18-2020