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1. Linen fabric

Linens, needless to say, are the run-up to summer clothes. It allows the skin to breathe, but also very breathable do not give you stuffy sweat, no static electricity problem, also soft to the touch, allergic people are particularly friendly. Moreover, the fabric itself is very expensive and has a high quality, which makes it more comfortable to wear out in summer.

One of the problems with linen is that it tends to wrinkle. If you wear a formal dress made of pure linen, even if it was ironed in the morning, it will wrinkle up when you go to a company meeting at noon.

Can consider cotton and hemp blended cloth, pay attention to the content of hemp is lower than cotton, such as 60 cotton +30 hemp. This material has large pleats, so it doesn’t look sloppy like small pleats, but adds texture. You can put it in your closet after you clean it, unlike pure linen, which requires ironing.

2.Real silk fabrics

The clothes of pure silk is special fairy is special beautiful, however the endurance of pure silk does not grow, because have yellow, draw silk problem to produce, want to buy to come back to wear old word at ordinary times to have to take special care in preserving clean. It’s not very easy to keep, but because it’s so slippery and cool in the summer, many women buy it.

Knowing its properties, you also need to pay attention to a problem, is silk and linen as easy to wrinkle! And the category of pure silk also is special much, have silk, Japanese silk, French silk all sorts of, among them have two silk is relatively easier to do.

Like the heavy crepe DE Chine, it is more common in silk, the surface looks obvious texture, used for making dresses, and not easy to fold, it is easy to buy on the market.

There is also a kind of stretch satin, because add about less than 10 spandex, so become elastic silk, often used to do shirts, invincible anti-wrinkle is also particularly good to keep, do not have to worry about durability.

3.Cotton fabric

Cotton fabric has the effect of absorbing sweat, but also can effectively prevent sweat odor, wear the body will not sweat on the skin will grow red rashes. Wash up to the washing machine a throw, wash a good dry wardrobe, do not pay attention to how.

Post time: Jul-18-2020