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Medical None Woven Fabric

Composition: Polypropylene100%

specification: 30 gsm 40 gsm 50 gsm 60 gsm 70 gsm 80 gsm  or according the order.

Colour:all kinds of the colour and the weight.

The width:150mm-3200mm

Packing: packing in rolls, bales, boxes.

产能(capacity): 400TON/Month
Delivery port : Any port of China

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Single S non-woven cloth is relative to SS SSS. 

SS non-woven fabrics have unique antibacterial properties, do not produce moths, bacteria and parasites can be isolated from the presence of internal liquid invasion, antibacterial properties make this product widely used in health care. Nonwoven fabrics used in the medical industry are thermally bonded or chemically attached to some textile fibers and filaments. It is functionally superior to other non-woven products, especially medical products

This product has a hard hand feeling compared to two products ,Normally it can be used for civil use, Disposable aprons, for example, keep dirt away or used for the worker.

Our”SINGLE S”None woven fabric ,with the anti bacteria treatment,is for disposable mask, disposable aprons, isolation suits, patient suits, medical wraps,civil usage or other medical usage.

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